Educational programs for underserved communities

City and County of Denver Grant

For Summer 2016 Play-Well Outreach was awarded an “Out-of-School time” grant from the Office of Children’s Affairs for weeklong Lego engineering summer camps. Play-Well Outreach served a total of 124 students ranging from Kindergarten to 6th grade in three different at-need Denver Public elementary schools.

The goals of our programming were multifold: build problem-solving and critical thinking skills, present opportunities for creative expression, foster a greater appreciation of how things work, enhance the qualities of inquisitiveness, self-reliance, and self-confidence in children, reinforce the importance of teamwork and collaboration for successful project outcomes, encourage exploration of diverse and innovative solutions to design challenges, and introduce concepts and vocabulary used in Engineering, Architecture, and Physics.

Throughout our 8 weeks of programming we saw significant progress amongst the students in many of these categories. For example we had several parents come in for pickup and tell us that their student was now more interested in the machines and vehicles in their everyday life after having built them in class. In addition in each week of programming we ran multiple team projects that required students to think critically with one another to design the best final project.